Citing and Archiving Research.

A Baden-Württemberg state project to develop infrastructure to support computational science

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Manage, cite and preserve Virtual Research Environments (VRE)

Support software-based research, CITAR provides workflows to

  • automated import virtual machines and containers
  • assign persistent identifiers
  • re-run virtual machines and containers with external data
  • archival and long-term preservation

Use case and demos ...

Container in CiTAR
CITAR overview

Long term preservation of containers

  • ingest of a container from a productive environment (virtual research environment)
  • conversion into an archivable container format (currently available for Docker and Singularity)
  • test run in a virtualized environment (bwCloud)
  • documentation of dependencies (hardware, network)
  • documentation of input/output parameters

The focus of maintenance planning is on the container runtime environment.

Use case and demos ...

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Klaus Rechert, Oleg Zharkov, Felix Bartusch, Rafael Gieschke, Stefan Kombrink, Oleg Stobbe, Thomas Liebetraut, Susanne Mocken, Kyryll Udod, Jens Krüger, Maximilian Rohland



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